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My cosplay adventure: the beginnings!

Ohayo Gozaimasu/ Hello ! I am writing this article which relates to commandment number 3: Do what makes you happy.

I’m going to tell you about one of my passions … drum roll

WHAT’S cosplay?

Cosplay (コ ス プ レ, kosupure), a portmanteau word made up of the English words “costume” and “play”, is a hobby that consists of playing the role of one’s characters by imitating their costume, their hair – to the using a wig or performing the same hairstyle as the character’s – and their makeup. -> Thanks Wikipedia!

Yeah yeah yeah, basically you play a character that you like what!
I started a little over four years ago now and since then I have not been able to drop out (not wanting either by the way). It was a friend who pushed me to get into it but I ‘hesitated a lot, I said to myself “everyone will see me”, “people will criticize if I do something wrong”, “maybe we will not recognize the character I play, too LOOSE WHAT ! “

But I was like, “Come on, anyway, there’s always someone to criticize, and gratuitous meanness isn’t the first time you’ve experienced it!” “It must also be said that I have always had this temperament to laugh at the criticisms and the pricks of others. I prefer to go above.

I love everything manual and creative, creating this costume was a great time! And that will have cost me an arm.

The big moment, D-Day

Then came D-Day, the moment to unveil my work to the whole world, that is to say to almost 40,000 people, and yeah the whole Earth! I was so embarrassed, I hardly dared get out of the car! What really made me uncomfortable was that people could notice me who likes to be discreet, observant, NINJAAAAA.

At the time, with a staff of about 6’8 +, a cape and a witch’s hat the size of an airship, the stealth I could forget. (The costume in the picture just below was my cosplay =)).

Then, I had to push myself, because already with all the work I had done, did not want to spoil it all. I showed that I was sure of myself externally and it had a direct effect on my mind. I was able to play the game thoroughly, it was awesome !!!!!!!

All this to say that you have to go through with what you do.

The lesson to be learned from this experience

Being embarrassed because you don’t feel good with yourself or because you are too shy, that’s normal. Nothing to do to get out of it is prohibited! NOT GOOD ! Sometimes the best remedy is to do this a little “bad”.

It will last only a few moments, surely the most complicated and embarrassing moments. But when you realize that finally there is no worry, that some of our problems are just problems we created for ourselves, then you will have a good time and you will finally enjoy yourself, Promise !!

One thing is certain, there will always be people to criticize. Why? Because they are jealous they envy you in a way because you have been able to cope with your complexes!

To finish with a little takeaway:

It is characteristic of envious souls to hate people because of the happiness they steal from them.

Quote from George Sand; Consuelo (1843)

We only have one life, we have to enjoy it, so YOLO (you only life once which means, you only live once).

Do not forget : “Be confident, be You !”



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