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Commandment 4: Learn to love yourself

You might not be as skinny as you want or curvy. You might not be able to run or sing or whatever like your friend or someone you admire… And you know what? It’s fine darling! It’s fine because you are who you are.

You are you, you are unique. You have your own skills, your own assets, and your own beauty. Embrace it all !!!!

Self-confidence, Body confidence is key!

Now, listen, I would like you to do something right now… I want you to think about 3 things you really like about yourself. Don’t lie, don’t be modest. Just be honest with you and write those three things on a paper … Done? Now read your list at loud in front of a mirror with confidence and determination. How do you feel? Good? Weird? Relieved? Tell me …

To be honest, the first time I have done this I felt very weird like “What the hell am I doing?” but then I felt like I was empowering myself and that was a very nice feeling.

Once you’ve done this little exercise I would like you to try something else. I am still doing this one every day!
Every morning, take a minute in front of the mirror and say something nice to yourself. Something you genuinely think.


Everything starts with yourself. Let me write this in capital letter (I promise I am not yelling at you haha…) EVERYTHING START WITH YOURSELF.

No matter what people think about you, no matter how many compliments you get. No matter if the whole world is proud of you. All those things don’t matter if you don’t value, appreciate and love yourself in the first place.

Trust me I have been in this situation … Family proud of me, friends and people around me always saying nice things to me, and still, I wasn’t happy…

Why? Because I was focusing on the criticisms, on the people hating on me, and most importantly because I didn’t love myself the way I love myself today. So all those nice things said to me were empty words, and in my head, I was telling myself “They don’t mean it, they try to be nice”

To love yourself you need to know and most importantly accept yourself. All of it. And by all of it, I really mean all of it which includes your “flaws” yep, actually, you especially need to accept your “flaws”.

Remember that no one is perfect. Remember that you need to STOP PRESSURING YOURSELF, STOP COMPARING YOURSELF, START TO EMBRACE YOURSELF. If you think positively about yourself, you will feel positive about yourself. Trust me. It’s not going to come overnight but step by step, you will get there. We are going to help you <3

So now, tell me… what do you love about yourself?
What Myriam loves about herself:

  1. perspicacity;
  2. honesty;
  3. rigor.

What I love about myself:

  1. determination;
  2. smile;
  3. open-mind.

Always remember “Be confident, Be you”
Lots of love,


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